Founder’s Profile

Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi (Founder and Chairman)

Global Citizen & Technology futurepreneur, Dr Modi has always been a strong advocate of global consciousness. He has always shunned conformity and embraced the future. It was under his leadership that the Global Citizen Forum was founded and registered in Singapore in early 2013.

Over the years, he has held wide ranging discussions with global leaders from all walks of life including religious and spiritual leaders, strengthening his belief towards empowering human society and creating a harmonious world through a collective global consciousness.

As a “Futurepreneur”, he has always lived and worked on the principal philosophy of challenging conventional wisdom. Born in a leading industrialist family, Dr Modi’s education and training in early life has been a perfect blend of the modern and the traditional. While inheriting the parental legacy of Indian philosophy, he went on to receive higher education in the West, only to return enriched with the best of both worlds.

This amalgamation is reflective in his career span of nearly 4 decades consisting of successful alliances with multinational corporations and category leaders like Xerox, Alcatel, Telstra, Olivetti, Lithographic Systems and International Paper, Telekom Malaysia and Mediatek and bringing the best of the West to contribute in shaping a developing India. His foresighted approach owing to vast global exposure also helped him to pre-empt revolutions in India in the fields of office automation, internet infrastructure, wireless telephony and specialty retailing.

A determined self, who believes in realizing dreams, he always leads from the front and is the key technology and business architect in conceptualizing, creating, developing and globalizing the Spice brand. His strategic investments and smart acquisitions in mobility, finance, entertainment and healthcare spaces have created value for all stakeholders, while also building a cross cultural organisation, spread across India, ASEAN region, parts of Africa, China, Middle East and New York and London.

Apart from creating excellence in business, Dr Modi is equally supportive in promoting education for over 25 years through the DMA schools that have been providing high quality primary and secondary education to nearly 6000 students annually.

He is equally passionate about promoting the cause of Global Citizenship, based on the universal principle of interconnectedness. He is the founder of Global Citizen Forum (GCF), a non-profit body registered in Singapore that raises issues impeding global growth, especially that of the youth. GCF has a distinguished membership comprising leaders from all walks of life who share the passion to create a world without boundaries. GCF so far has held conferences/deliberations at Singapore, Shenzhen, India and Malaysia. Dr Modi takes personal initiative to engage with leaders of all sections of society across the world, including Heads of State, academicians, social scientists and youth organisation to promote the cause of Global Citizen.

He is also a founder member of Asia Business Council and chairman of Asia Crime Prevention Foundation’s India chapter. He was given a commendation by the US Congress for his outstanding contribution to humanistic causes.

He has authored many books that portray his deep understanding of the world and humanity. These include One God, Hinduism – The Universal Truth, Performance – A Manager’s Challenge and Whispers of Peace.