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The Global Citizen Forum event in the city of London to highlight the importance of the Indian philosophy of Advaita as a tool to achieve global peace. ‘Advaita’ means non duality, is the philosophy that proposes that the human and the divine are one and therefore, there can be no conflict to their purpose, intent or character. The philosophy espouses eternal peace by focusing on the unity of humans and there inherent similarity.
The event was attended by more than 200 guests and members of the Global Citizen Forum. Dr M (BK Modi) – Founder, Global Citizen Forum addressed the audience. Mr. Virender K Sharma, Member of Parliament, UK was amongst the eminent guests at the event.
A special screening of the tele serial ‘Sri Adishankaracharya’ was held for the guests for them to better visualise the concept of Advaita. The philosophy of Advaita was first espoused by renowned Indian saint Sri Adishankacharya who went on to establish this as one of the founding philosophies of Hinduism.
In modern understanding, the philosophy of Advaita is equated to the philosophy of the Global Citizen Forum and the concept of global citizenship.