Global Peace – Unity in Diversity

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Global Peace – Unity in Diversity

Continuing with its efforts to promote a ‘One World’ order, the Global Citizen Forum held a conference on ‘Global Peace’ in Singapore. The conference premised on promoting religious harmony as a means to understand religious and cultural differences. Shri Indresh Kumar, a renowned social leader from India who has been working in the interfaith domain addressed the conference along with Dr BK Modi.

India has been a strong example of secular, liberal thought for centuries. Drawing on the positives of the conference focused on promoting a similarity of thought at the ground level to ensure long lasting peace. In the age of customized information, unfounded prejudice has led to conflict. This conference concluded with the premise that amidst all the darkness of such disparities and violence, there is a need for us to stand strong and united as one. The resolution was supported by all members of GCF present at the event.

Conquer the world with Yoga

For many years now, the ancient Indian philosophy of Yoga has guided thousands of people to a more rewarding and content life. The declaration of an International Yoga Day in 2015, gave a fresh impetus to the revolution that could – when used in its true spirit – bring peace to the world.

Yoga and the ability to control the conscious mind is the first step to a unified world. The GCF evening conference in Singapore highlighted the significance of Yoga as a tool for peace and tranquility. The conference was addressed by Shri Ravi Kumar Iyer – a Yoga expert who contextualized the practice in its ancient Indian origins and how it has contributed in the making of India as a global peace leader.


Dr. M – (B.K Modi- Founder, Global Citizen Forum)

Indresh Kumar- (President, Bhartiya Muslim Munch)

V Ravi Kumar- (Yoga Expert & Author of ‘Yoga- Bharat’s in valuable gift to the world’)

Shazia Ilmi- (Spokesperson of the Global Citizen Forum)