Commonwealth 2.0 – The Force for Peace London

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The New Force for PEACE

Our world today faces a colossus crises.

  • Crisis of Faith
  • Crisis of Credibility
  • Crisis of Leadership
  • Crisis of Knowledge
  • On account of these, the global political leadership stands at crossroads – we can continue to look back the traditional solutions whose effectiveness has become questionable on account of recent failures. Or we can lay the groundwork for a new political discourse. One that lies beyond the nexus of artificially created boundaries and draws inspiration from the inherent humanity in all of us.
    With the exit of United Kingdom from the European Union, and more countries threatening to follow suit, the power of historical political allegiances is being questioned. The future of the world clearly does not lie in the west, nor the east – but in the collaboration between the East and the West for a more peaceful and egalitarian planet.
    In this regard, The Commonwealth as a political association of states can play a huge role. Formed and led by Great Britain initially as a mode of continuing its economic and cultural relationship with its former colonies, The Commonwealth has graduated from being a platform showcasing the empire’s imperialist power to a symbol of new age globalisation. The leaders of the Commonwealth are now the rising economies spread across Asia, Africa and the Pacific- who draw their strength from their citizens and their combined economic prowess.
    The Commonwealth comprises approximately 2.2 billion people, with 60% of them being under 30 years of age. Its biggest success though, lies in the way it has adapted to the geo-political dynamics with countries with absolutely no imperialist connections to Great Britain also joining the block. The stage is set to replace the power of Imperialism with the power of knowledge – a far superior power that can define the framework for a new equitable framework and develop a common socio-economic platform whose fabric in incorruptible.This Global Citizen Forum event in London will seek to focus on:
    Re-energising the organisation :
    Re-establishing the organisation on the global map as a strong association, where issues of national and global importance can be resolved through dialogue and amicable solutions.
    The role of Global Citizens in the success of the Commonwealth
    Any union of nations is dependent on an enterprising workforce and their combined wealth. The essence of Global Citizenship is freedom of migration and the Commonwealth has a strong cross pollination of people who contribute to its success. These Global Citizens must be encouraged the lay the foundation of this new framework and provide the new leadership.

    Our Speakers

    • Miss SHAZIA ILMI

      Shaziailmi is a social activist and emerging political leader who was formerly a television journalist, correspondent and anchor.Her career has been a testimony to her commitment to social development, she was actively involved with the ’India Against Corruption’ Movement in 2011. As a political leader with the governing party in India she has stood up for the politics of Transformation.
      A celebrated prime time journalist, she became a household name in India with her news show ‘DeshVidesh’. At the personal front, she is the first working woman in her family andhas championed the crusade against Gender Bias and Rights of Minority Groups in India.
      She has completed her degree courses in Journalism and Broadcasting at Jamia Millia Islamia and the University of Wales, Cardiff and a Diploma in Film Production at New York Film Academy.


      The Lord Patel of Bradford (OBE) is a British Politician and Labour Life Peer sitting in the House of Lords (U.K) of the British Parliament.
      He was created a Life Peer with the title Baron Patel of Bradford, in 2006.In the past, he has held the position of Lords in Waiting (HM Household) in Government from 2008 to 2009.He has also served on the Shadow front – bench in the Upper House from 2010 to 2012.
      Lord Patel of Bradford is a leading voice on Human rights, health, social care and community cohesion in the U.K. He was also the former Chairman of the Mental Health Act Commission, UK. Most recently, he has been singled out by the Commonwealth Secretariat to lead a full review of the effectiveness of its central body. As a Senior Advisor to the Commonwealth, he will assist the Secretary-General to shape and implement her vision for the organisation.
      Baron Patel of Bradford who also holds the title of ‘Professor’ has authored a number of National Reports on various issues.