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For the first time in Latin America

Peace ambassador and humanitarian lsha Judd will bring the Globa l Citizen Foru m to Mexico City, the first event of its kind in Latin America. The event will take place on November 6th in the facilities of the U niversidad l beroa merica na. This dynamic and inspiring event will host leaders in EDUCATION, SPIRITUALITY, CIVIL SOCIETY AND BUSINESS


GCF is the brainchild of Indian entrepreneur Dr. B.K. Modi. A passionate advocate of Global citizenship and an interconnected world, he launched GCF in order to bring together leaders from allfields – thought, spiritual, religious, economic and political – on a common platform, to deliberate upon issues affecting people around the world. The events set out to inspire participants to subsequently effect significant changes in laws and local policy in order to bring long term benefits to future generations.

Since its inception in Singapore in February 2013, the forum has attempted to spread this message with events in India, China, Malaysia, Singapore and London. Through active discussion of international issues, GCF seeks to advocate for a higher level of global awareness among conscientious citizens of the planet.

When Dr. B.K. Modi asked lsha to bring the GCF to Latin America, she took on the task of bringing a more global awareness to the region, of inspiring us allto see beyond our boundaries and explore different ways to come together as one human family. Join us for a celebration of global culture, an exploration of our interconnectedness and a discovery of deeper levels of being from which we can interact with the world around us.


Be prepared for a change in your perception: ask yourself where you can begin to see things in a more inclusive way and be more aware of how you can contribute to the world you live in.

From sustainability to ethics, human rights to peacemaking activities, there are countless ways you can help your local community and prepare them for the world of tomorrow. Or maybe your contribution will begin on a deeper level, in the field of self development: Or maybe your contribution will begin on a deeper level, in the field of self development: the awareness that when I heal myself I bring peace to the world becomes increasingly relevant when we begin to think of our place on the planet


Becoming a member of the GCF simply requires filling in the online form at . By joining the Forum, you are declaring your commitment to global awareness and well-being of all mankind, regardless of nationality or creed. Once submitted,the form will be reviewed by the committee of the GCF in Singapore, before you are approved as a member.


GCF is building a thriving online community centered around its website, . To get involved, add us on and watch our latest events at obalCitizenForum.


As a founding member of the GCF, lsha Judd proposed Mexico as the first place to host the GCF in the Latin America.

Subtitled “EDUCATION FOR A WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS”, GCF Mexico will explore the universal values that we must allfoster in order to become global citizens. The event will seek to establish a series of concrete actions that will be applied following the event in order to improve the quality of life of each individual and of society as a whole

GCF Mexico will be held on November 6, 2014.

Join us in this exciting event. For more information please contact .


Rigoberta Menchu

Nobel Peace Laureate, Indigenous Guatemalan leader and member of the K’iche’ ethnic group. Human rights activist and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador .Renowned for guiding her people through national and international social struggles.

Claudio Naranjo

Chilean-born psychiatrist and writer, creator of the “Enneagram of Personality” and one of the three successors named by Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy. As a professor at Berkeley, Naranjo is considered a pioneer in transpersonal psychology and in integrating psychotherapy and the spiritual traditions

Papa Jaime

Renowned Colombian social and spiritual leader, and tireless children’s rights advocate who inspires peace around the world. A highly sought after public speaker and author of books on self-help and meditation. His book “I love you… but I’m happy without you” is an international bestseller and has been translated in multiple languages.

Tony Karam

President and founder of Casa Tibet Mexico,one of Latin America’s oldest and most influential Dharma, cultural and pro Tibet political institutions.

He has been professor at Mexico’s prestigious “El Colegio de Mexico”,the “Universidad Nacional Aut6noma de Mexico” and many other colleges and universities in Mexico and Latin America.

Lorena Ochoa

Ex professional golfer, considered the best Mexican golfer of all time. Ochoa has established a foundation for children from low income families, including a school,”Centro Educativo La Barranca” where over 250 children receive quality education in academic, sports and cultural areas.

Bishop Raul Vera

President and founder of Casa Tibet Mexico,one of Latin America’s oldest and most influential Dharma, cultural and pro Tibet political institutions.

Mexican friar of the Dominican Order and since 2000 bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saltillo.

Chemical Engineer of the “Universidad Nacional Aut6noma de Mexico” and Bachelor of Divinity of the “Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas” in Rome. Member of the “Orden de Predicadores” of Mexicds Santiago province. Ordained by Pope Paul VI and consecrated as a bishop by Pope John Paul II. Vera has been bishop of the Mexican Dioceses of Ciudad Altamirano,Guerrero and San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas.

He has fought for the rights of students, farmers, prisoners, the sick, indigenous peoples, the homeless, labourers, miners, the LGBT community, women victims of violence, immigrants, families of missing persons, and others, working tirelessly for their rights to be respected,for their proper social inclusion and active participation within the church.

Astrid Hollander

Programme specialist in Education for Sustainable Development, Technical and Professional Education, and Education in Emergency Situations for UNESCO’s Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Vidal Schmill

Founder of “Escuela para Padres” and education specialist.

Dedicated to family development and creator of a values based approach to education.

Claudio X. Gonzalez

Co founder and president of “Mexicanos Primerd’. Businessman and social activist committed to raising education standards in Mexico. Member of the board at “Colmex”, “Fundaci6n Comunitaria Oaxaca, AC.”, “Fundaci6n Carolina”, “World Education and Development Fund’ (New York) and “Fundaci6n BBVA-Bancomer”.

Alfonso Villalba

Corporate lawyer specialising in mergers, acquisitions and international commerce. Member of the directors committee of the “Law Firm Network”; president of “United Way Mexicd’ and specialist in sustainability and social development programmes.

Jorge Larrea

Vice president of Monte Fenix Rehabilitation Clinics; businessman, investor. Celebrated for his work in the field of addiction and rehabilitation. President of the ”.Asociaci6n Mexicana de la Adicci6n A.C”.

Alejandro Adler

Currently studying for a PHO in Positive Psychology in the University of Pennsylvania. His investigations focus on wellbeing ,education and public policy. Currently, Alejandro is working with governments in Australia, Butan, Nepal,and China to incorporate Positive Psychology into their respective school curriculums and measure the impact of these interventions in the wellbeing of youth.

Alejandro forms part of a group of 50 experts who met with the Prime Minister of Bhutan in Janurary 2013 in order to change the UN’s global development paradigm. Originally from Mexico,Alejandro graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Psychology and a degree in Economics from the Faculty of Wharton. He also received a masters in Positive Psychology from the Univserity of Pennsylvania

Before beginning his current doctorate, Alejandro worked as an investigator in the Univserity of Pennsylvania in The Center for High Impact Philanthropy,working to channel philanthropic funds towards greater positive social change