One World & the role of the G3 INDIA, CHINA & THE UNITED STATES @SINGAPORE ON MARCH 2014

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Singapore : One world and the Role of G3: India, China and the United State @Singapore on March 2014

A continuation of the theme from the New Delhi conference, The GCF Annual event at Singapore drew inspiration from the city where idea of the Global Citizen germinated. As one of the world’s leading nations’ Singapore is often aptly defined as a melting pot of cultures and has been perfect example of Globalisation.
The event focused on creating a unified world on the foundation of the best available polity, technology, healthcare systems and educational structures from India, China and USA. As all these three nations have witnessed an influx of economic migrants of varied ethnicities and have benefited from it. They also enjoy a strong degree of cultural influence across the globe.
The creation of ‘One World’ needs to be an amalgamation of the best practices that need to be implemented by people who recognize the value of a combined Human culture. The ‘One World’ event saw our experts outline which practices are best suited for the creation of a better world!

Inaugural Session: International Collaboration as the force of the future
Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati

President of Divine Shakti Foundation
“Sadhviji was Raised in a traditional, upper class, American family in Hollywood, California and graduated from Stanford University. She left America in 1996 to come and live permanently at Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India.
She is President of Divine Shakti Foundation, dedicated to bringing education and empowerment to poor women and children. It runs free schools, womens’ vocational training programs and orphanages/ gurukuls in India.”
Atul Temurnikar
Co-founder of the Singapore- based Global Schools Foundation (GSF)
“Co-founded the Singapore- based Global Schools Foundation (GSF) with the vision of providing quality education to expatriate community. He serves as a founding Trustee and Executive Chairman of the Foundation, overseeing its worldwide operations.
Under his guidance, GSF has pioneered and embarked upon community welfare initiatives, such as educating tribal students in western Indian state of Gujarat. His efforts in social services for the underprivileged in Singapore were recognised with a special appreciation award by the Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, in 2006.
He has played a pivotal role in recommending policy and related changes for the education sector in India and Singapore. In September 2011, changes recommended by him in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) rules and policies for education sector in India were announced and implemented by the Government of India.”