Creating One World Beyond Gender, Nationality, Religion and Boundaries @NEW DELHI ON 3RD JAN 2014

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In continuation of its primary objective of spreading global awareness, GCF organized its New Delhi event on 3rd January 2014, titled ‘One World’. Graced by leaders of politics, bureaucracy, media, entertainment and spirituality across the globe, the conference focused on ways in which international collaboration can be fostered and developed. To expound upon this the conference was inaugurated amongst others by eminent speakers by the external affairs Minister of India, Shri Salman Khurshid.

The precursor to International Collaboration is global consciousness and both technology and International migration have contributed to developing this. The discussion panel which consisted of people from the fields of technology and media deliberated on the ways in which technology can be harnessed to create ‘one world’. Shri Manish Tewari, India’s Cabinet Minister for Information and Broadcasting delivered a special address that focused on choosing the right kind of information and the responsibilities of governments in sourcing information and measuring its impact.
A key sub-theme of the conference in Delhi was to outline the necessary infrastructure required to create and empower Global Citizens. The possibility of concepts like visa free mobility, a common global education system and collaborative research in health all require an active involvement of government agencies and a real commitment to creating a seamless network of human communication beyond territorial disputes. The eminent panel that comprised experts in the field of international finance, health and education attempted to outline a roadmap to achieve any or all of these possibilities and weighed their plausibility. It also included a special address by India’s Union Cabinet Minister for Law & Justice/Communciation & Technology Shri Kapil Sibal.
The main aim of the ‘One World’ conference was to outline a roadmap for the creation of a borderless world while ensuring the integrity of each nation state. The idea of a borderless world is a figurative concept that draws inspiration from the World Wide Web. According to GCF, the first step to International Collaboration is for nations to understand the need for common global solutions or a common international infrastructure. As both India China and USA are leaders in various fields and enjoy a certain degree of influence over other nation states, they need to be the pioneers of this collaborative effort.


Inaugural Session: International Collaboration as the force of the future
There is an evident imbalance between the needs of any given nation’s aspirations vis a vis its populace. International Collaboration is thus a necessary tool to enhance economic and social development of a region.How can the best collaborations be developed and achieved among nations.

Dr. Thomas Walsh
President, Universal Peace Federation
“Thomas G Walsh is the President of the Universal Peace Federation.He has been a teacher, author and editor with specialization in the areas of interfaith, religious studies, peace, social theory and philosophy.He serves on the international council of the World Association of NGOs and is on the Board of International Coalition and for Religious Freedom and The Washington Times.He is the publisher of journals – UPF Today and Dialogue & Alliance.
He has immensely contributed and edited more than 20 books related to interfaith and peace building.”
Dr. BK Modi
Founder-Chairman, Global Citizen Forum
“A strong advocate of ‘1World’ & Technology futurepreneur,Dr Modi is credited with many firsts in bringing consumer technology into India.A global citizen by heart and lifestyle, he has lived in some of the leading global cities in the world. He has now recently moved back to India with a mind to execute his vision for One world,which is the basis of this conference.Previously, in the year 2000 he had united spiritual leaders of the world under ‘One God’ when he organized the ‘Millennium development Summit’ at the United Nations in New York. He is now preparing for a summit in the United Nations on ‘One World.’”
Irrfan Khan
“Irrfan Khan is a film actor known for his works in Bollywood,Hollywood and other Indian regional films.Some of his films include The Warrior,Maqbool Haasil,Paan Singh Tomar,Rog,The Namesake,New York,I Love You,A Mighty Heart,Slumdog Millionaire,The Amazing Spider Man,Life of Pie,etc.He also hosted the TV Show Mano Ya Na Mano.He is recipient of 3 Filmfare Awards,a Screen Actors Guild Award and National Award for The Best Actor in 2014.He was honored by Padma Shri,the 4th highest civilian award in India, in 2011.”
His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa
Spiritual leader
“His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa is the Head of the 1000 year old Drukpa Order.His mission is to promote universal harmony and inner peace.He is the founder and spiritual director of Druk White Lotus School in Ladakh and founder of not-for-profit organization Live to Love,which has Aamir Khan & Michelle Yeoh as its Global Ambassadors.
He was honored with the Millennium Development Goals Award in 2010 by the United Nations,Green Hero Award by the President of India in 2010 & was named Guardian of the Himalayas” by Waterkeepers Alliance – a global NGO founded by Robert F Kennedy Jr.”
Shri Salman Khurshid
Union Cabinet Minister for External Affairs of India
“Salman Khurshid is currently the Union Minister for External Affairs.A lawyer by profession,he started his political career in 1981 as an Officer on Special Duty in the Prime Minister’s Office during Mrs.Indira Gandhi’s prime ministership.
He was elected to the Lok Sabha in 1991 and was inducted into the cabinet as Union Dy. Minister of Commerce.Later, he became the Union Minister of State for External Affairs (1993 – 1996).”
Technology: Breaking the barriers
Since its launch, the World Wide Web has rapidly risen the ranks to become the leading integrator of the entire world as well as a driver of economic forces in the world. The social media space and the interaction via this powerful tool and the resultant instant viral dissemination of information worldwide has thrown up new possibilities for the concept of One World.

Shri Manish Tewari
Manish Tewari is the Union Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting with independent charge.A lawyer by profession, he has been the President of National Students Union of India (1989) and Indian Youth Congress (1998 – 200).
As a member of parliament, he has been an active member of the team that drafted a private members’ bill to bring intelligence agencies in the country under parliamentary oversight.”
Rajiv Makhni
Managing Editor,Technology- NDTV
“Rajiv Makhni is known as India’s Tech Guru.He is the Managing Editor,Technology,NDTV and also Head of Alternate Media for NDTV Ltd.He hosts multiple TV shows on Technology (Gadget Guru,Cellguru,Newsnet 3.0,Walk the Tech Talk),and Lifestyle (Men cant dance,The next Big thing).
He was given the award for Television Anchor of the year 2014, made his debut in Cannes this year, and is also one of the most sought after speaker and moderator at Key Events in India and abroad.He is a multiple award-winning columnist and writes for major publications in India and Abroad.”
Dr. Roger Howe
Executive Chairman and International CEO, Stemedica
“Over the past twenty-five years,Dr. Howe founded five successful start-up ventures in the medical technology and information systems business sector.
In his past role as CEO of his companies,he worked with venture capital and investment banking firms obtaining their participation while moving these companies into commercialization.”
Sunil Parikh
Founding Curator, World Economic Forum
“Sunil R Parekh is a strategic advisor to several prominent international industrial groups.He has extensive experience as CEO of various Indian & international companies and is associated with World Economic Forum as the Founding Curator – Global Shapers Initiative.He is also involved with the Gujarat government initiative “Vibrant Gujarat” as Member of the Advisory Board.
He is a prominent public speaker and is a Board Member of FICCI,AMA,GESIA,KHAMIR ETC.He led the CII Kutch Rehabilitation Initiative in 2001 after the earthquake in Gujrat.”
Atul Temurnikar
Head, Global Indian School Singapore
“Atul Temurnikar is the Founding Trustee and Executive Chairman of Global Schools Foundation based in Singapore.His community welfare initiatives are blossoming under the Mahatma Gandhi Global Indian Eklavya Tribal Schools in the Indian state of Gujarat.He is a great contributor towards government policies related to Education,Foreign Direct Investment,etc.
He is a member of the sub group committee for Education under National Integration Committee of Singapore.He received a Special Recognition Award from the Prime Minister of Singapore for his social services in 2006.”
Empowering a Global Citizen through a common education, security and health platform
Global Cities and Global Citizens are best defined by certain characteristics that have become an inherent part of their existence. The key to empowering every citizen of the planet is to make these opportunities available to those who have not migrated to the traditional “Global Cities.” There is a need to explore ways in which the necessary social, educational, health and security infrastructure can be developed to provide equal opportunities for all.

Lord Raj Loomba
CBE; Member- House of Lords, UK
“A member of the House of Lords,Lord Loomba,CBE is widely known today as the pioneer of widow’s rights and instigator of International Widows Day.Lord Loomba’s campaigning achievements are founded on a successful business career as founder of Rinku Group,the fashion and clothing company of which he is Executive Chairman.
Lord Loomba received a CBE in 2008 and was elevated to the House of Lords as a Liberal Democrats Life Peer in 2011.
As chair of India First Ltd,Lord Loomba organised an event at City Hall at which the Twin-City agreement was signed between then the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and Delhi’s Chief Minister Mrs. Sheila Dikshit.Lord Loomba has promoted the exchange of the Parliamentarians and the Members of the Judiciary between the UK and India.”
Siddharth Zarabi
National News Editor, CNBC
“Siddharth Zarabi is the National News Editor at CNBC TV18, India’s most watched business TV channel.
A seasoned journalist with over 16 years of experience, he remains committed to the cause of a new India.”
Dr. Vinay Rai
Head, Rai Foundation
“Vinay Rai is a multi-faceted personality – Philosopher,Philanthropist, Educationist, Businessman.A scientist by profession, he is a great exponent of creative capitalism.He has been the President of Cellular Operators Association of India,The Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers Association,The Electronics Components Industries Association.He was also associated with FICCI, CII & ASSOCHAM.
He is contributing immensely for the development of women in India and has authored two books “Rethinking India” and “Think India – The Rise of The World’s Next Super Power And What It Means for Every American”.”
Vinod Bansal
PDistt.Head Rotary International
“DG Vinod Bansal is a renowned Rotarian.He has served the Rotary Club in various capacities and his focus and devotion has contributed immensely to each area of his service to the club.He is an expert in Corporate,Risk and Business Advisory Services. He is the Managing Partner of Arora & Bansal and is also the Chairman of Matrix – a pan-India BPO.
He sits on the Boards of several Indian and International companies as well as chairs many Expert Committees of industrial and professional bodies.”
Shubada Rao
Chief Economist,Yes Bank
“Currently the Senior President of Economics Knowledge Banking and Chief Economist of Economics Knowledge Banking at YES BANK Limited.Dr. Rao set up an Economic Consulting firm and has been retained by the RBI to serve as an external expert on a project titled ‘Bank Soundness & Macroeconomic Policy’.
With over 24 years of experience in academia and industry- she is a member CII National Economic Policy Council. She is the Co-chair of the Economics Committee at ASSOCHAM and a member of the monetary policy group- Indian Banks Association.Her views on economy are often aired national,international electronic and print media.”
Carrie Lee
International President, Live to Love
“Carrie Lee is the President of Live to Love International,a global non-profit organization.She con-founded Pine Street Alternative Asset Management LLC.
Ms. Lee is a Board of Trustee and Advisor to Whole World Water that supports clean water initiatives through NGOs and Enterprise Businesses.”
Subhash Razdan
Recipient of Pravasi Bhartiya Samman, Past President IACA, USA
“A recipient of the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman in 2014, Subhash Razdan is a distinguished engineer and a well known community leader.He has been recognized for his selfless service by having February 22 as “Subash Razdan Day” annually in the City of Sandy Springs,Georgia,USA.
Subash was the architect to draft the India-Georgia (USA) Friendship Resolution of 2008 which was passed in the Georgia Senate.The Resolution,which offers a new paradigm for sustaining relationship between the State of Georgia and the Republic of India,was formally accepted by Ambassador of India, H.E. Ronen Sen in 2008.”
Valedictory Session and Closing
The road to the future: what will it take to push the common dream of One World and a Global Citizen?

Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati
Spiritual Leader
“Raised in a traditional, upper class,American family in Hollywood,California and graduated from Stanford University,Sadhviji left America in 1996 to come and live permanently at Parmarth Niketan Ashram,in Rishikesh,India.
She is President of Divine Shakti Foundation,a foundation dedicated to bringing education and empowerment to poor women and children which runs free schools,womens’ vocational training programs and orphanages / gurukuls in India.”
Dr. R Seetharaman
Group CEO, Doha Bank
“Dr. R. Seetharaman is the Group CEO of Doha Bank.As CEO of the bank,he transformed Doha Bank as one of the best performing banks in the Middle East region.He is recipient of multiple doctorates from leading universities of the world.He is a high profile economist and regularly appears in international media – BBC, CNN, FOX, CNBC,Sky News,ABC and Bloomberg,etc.
Dr. Seetharaman received several accolades and awards – Best CEO in Middle East,World Leader Business Person,The Gullands Excellence Award,Phenomenal Banker,etc.”
Sushil Ansal
Chairman Ansal Group
“Mr. Sushil Ansal serves as the Chairman and Director of Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd.He has experience of more than 30 years in Real Estate development,Industry & Business.
He is member of the Executive Committee of the Federation of Indian Chambers & Commerce Industry (FICCI) and ASSOCHAM.He is also the Chairman of FICCI’s India-Canada Joint Business Council and has been the past President of PHD Chambers of Commerce & Industry.”
Ramesh Sippy
Movie Maker
“Ramesh Sippy is an film director,probably best known for directing the popular and critically acclaimed film Sholay.
A veteran of the film industry, he was felicitated with the Filmfare Best Film of 50 years award in 2005. He is also the Co-Chairman of the Entertainment Committee in FICCI.”