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Singapore : Global Citizen Forum event in February 2013 at Singapore – ‘Innovation in Fertility’

Singapore, a tiny red dot on the map of Asia, has come to be recognized as a global city by governments across the globe and citizens alike.

The Global Citizen Forum event in Singapore, presented to the world the different aspects of Singapore, that make it not only a world class city but also a favored centre for the youth. While the city continues to be an inspiration to other cities aspiring for the coveted ‘Global city’ tag is there anything else that Singapore can do to improve his condition of youth or the quality of life in it? This became the subject of the GCF conference in February 2013.

Presently in Singapore, real estate prices are on an all time high and the workforce is highly focused on developing their careers. All these factors have affected the work-life balance in the country, stagnating population growth. In addition to these, singles in the country are not allowed to own state built housing, which often leads to young people staying at home with their parents. As intimacy before marriage is a nascent concept in Asia, the present restriction delimits the young career minded professionals from nurturing relationships.

GCF suggested the repealing of such a ban to allow the youth to own state built house. If our suggested recommendations can lead to a policy change, it may encourage independence and privacy for the youth. Surveys, conducted across varied developed countries rate housing a top priority for people who wish to start a family. Free access to the youth to state built and private housing may also result in an averaging of real estate prices and give people the economic freedom required to make a personal and social decision which will inevitably resolve the population growth problems in Singapore.