GCF Description

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Headquartered in Singapore, The Global Citizen Forum is a burgeoning body of people like you! Committed to the cause of building a better planet based on the principles of interconnectedness, collaboration and unity. GCF draws its inspiration from the World Wide Web, a phenomenon that has democratized communication and precipitated the creation of a global village.

Encapsulating the power of Technology and Globalization, GCF- through its network of progressive ‘Global Citizens’, GCF aims to foster a values based, sustainable world community.

It seeks to bring together leaders from all disciplines- thought, spiritual, religious, economic and political; on a common platform to deliberate upon issues that affect the planet, reserving special focus for issues pertaining to women and youth.

  • Who is a Global Citizen?
  • A Global Citizen is someone like you! People who regard humanity as their greatest religion and believe in creating ‘One World’.
    The future of our humankind is dependent on those people who think and believe that they are a citizen of planet earth first and then of the country they were born in. At GCF, this is exactly what we seek to nurture

  • GCF mission and the ‘One World’ concept:
  • The main objective of the forum to envision the creation of ‘One World’. Defined as a worldbeyond gender, nationality, religion and boundaries!To achieve this GCF aims to advocate such legal, social and cultural practices that promote equitable development.
    It seeks the creation of a homogenized environment and focus on individuals who augment open communication and enable the creation of the identity of the Global Citizen

  • GCF Launch and Successive Conferences:
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    True to its principles of unity, the GCF launch in India was held at the oldest and biggest forum of religion in the world- the Mahakumbh at Allahabad. It was attended by religious and spiritual leaders from all faiths, including the Dalai Lama.
    All of who invoked humanity to unite in the face of common international problems and find effective solutions to achieve a better quality world order.

    Following this, GCF events have been organized in Singapore, Malaysia, China, London, Los Angeles and Dubai.
    The events follow a set pattern. Eminent leaders are invited to put forth their opinions on international topics. The speeches are punctuated by energetic Q&A sessions that are designed to push boundaries and create opinions. Each event almost always focuses on a local law or cultural practice of the host country that may delimit societal and individual development.