Global legal standard

Advocating for Change:

One of the main foundations of creating a common global structure is setting a common socio-legal standard! Global Citizenship is a two way street- adhered to by citizens and facilitated by governments. GCF’s key objective is to advocate for a basic minimum legal standard on various issues, to allow people to become ‘Global citizens’

GCF is to support legal amendments that will lead to the creation of an egalitarian society, giving each individual the maximum opportunity for personal development.

Creating a better society for today’s youth:

In one of the earliest GCF conferences, the forum took on a peculiar housing rule in Singapore. Quite curiously the law prohibits singles in Singapore from owning State built housing, consequently, this has a direct effect on real estate prices in the region and also negatively affects the work-life balance for young professionals.

GCF proposed the amendment of this law to allow singles to own state built housing to correct the soaring real estate prices in Singapore. In a more amusing effect, such a move will also provide young professionals to move out of their parental homes, resulting in an increased privacy. And may see them having more time to indulge in relationships that may play a role in addressing Singapore’s negative population growth rate.

Advocating for laws that facilitate international Mobility:

The GCF Conclave at Shenzhen (China), focused on improving mobility between the mainland and the city of Hongkong. Though part of the same country, there are massive travel restrictions that govern migration between the two regions, owing to some pacts signed to prevent the economic sovereignty of each area.

GCF is of the belief that such control insidiously undercuts economic prosperity, delimiting growth possibilities for young professionals and movie entrepreneurs. Benchmarking the immigration policy between Singapore and Malaysia, GCF proposed on-arrival visa for a limited period for law abiding citizens of both sides.

Opening New Avenues for Business:

GCF supports laws in favour of business development and increased investment.

In a bid to tap the capital of the super-wealthy, many western nations, including the USA, allow the super-rich to go tax free for a period of 180 days. Though the rule has received much criticism from exchequer analysts. It has insidiously been crucial to the wealth creation of many of these nations.

Currently, In London, this limit for tax-exemption is 91 days. GCF advocates, changing this to 180 days to bring it, at par with the global standard while also putting in place certain minimum investment guidelines so it can add value to the exchequer and also allow business capital freedom.

Protecting Human Dignity:

The definition of a Global Citizen itself implies an empowered person, mindful of basic human rights. These are the defining principles of the ‘Common socio-legal standard’ that GCF proposes to advocate for to create a truly inclusive social order.

Respectful of various religious beliefs, GCF stands for more stringent restrictions on obsolete societal systems like polygamy to prevent misuse leading to discrimination against women.