Tide Loads of Hope has been committed to providing access to clean clothes to restore a sense of normalcy for people in the midst of chaos, since 2005. This year we have made a commitment to do even more and expand our impact tenfold by 2030. One way we are doing this is:

Tide Loads of Hope is expanding to help people experiencing homelessness.

As part of this expansion, we have partnered with The Midnight Mission, a human services organization in downtown LA, to create the first permanent Tide Loads of Hope Laundry Room - using the power of clean clothes to make a positive impact. The new laundry room was built in partnership with Gensler Architecture, Clark Construction, and Whirlpool.

Check out the laundry room

Loads of Hope Laundry Room

The Power of Clean Clothes

The Tent Mender

Ways to get involved

Ways to get involved

Earn rewards on P&G products at P&G Good Everyday. One sign up = detergent for one day of clean clothes per person

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Donate P&G products to the Midnight Mission via AmazonSmile.

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