Propagating Peace

Laws that the GCF has passed resolutions suggesting amendments in various countries since its launch in the past 6 months:

  • Singapore: As of current rules in the country, singles are not allowed to own state housing properties. GCF proposed the amendment of this law to allow singles to own state properties on the basis of the fact that increase in private space available to the youth will see them have more time to build relationships with the opposite sex, that might see couples planning babies earlier. Thus, helping toward resolving the fertility problems in Singapore.
  • China : Several local laws govern the control of Human traffic between China and Hongkong. As you might be aware, geographically Shenzhen and China are separated by a mass of water and there are enough sea and road routes between the two regions. Though the infrastructure is there, human movement is heavily controlled and most residents of either side require visas to enter the other. We proposed the amendment of such heavy restrictions to a level where human traffic however controlled, may move relatively freely between the regions as this may help the youth on either side to take maximum advantage of the economic boom.
  • London: According to current taxation rules in the UK, any person staying in the country for more than 91 days and having financial interests in the region is liable to pay tax. Most other countries, including the United States, give their non-residents a 180 day limit to leave the country.

At GCF we propose A change in the current regulations to 180 days, bringing them at par with most other countries. Providing Non residents with business interests elsewhere enough time to reconnect with their families and maintain their social connections.