Why should you become a Member

  • Members get courtesy access to events hosted by the GCF- We provide them with an interactive platform for taking up global issues, showcasing cutting-edge projects, where experts share ideas on partnerships, and discuss innovations and best practice.

  • A member has the benefit of being able to propose and build public discourse on socio-cultural changes that may be taken for national discussion in the future. These corrective changes will create environments conductive to international business, political collaboration and aimed at empowerment of the individual. GCF seminars and discussion forums are aimed to build public opinion and promote a free exchange of ideas, which can then be shared at established political platforms, so that they can transcend into real change.

  • The Global Citizen Community has burgeoning presence across the globe. Through our online portals, conferences and smaller events, a member has the opportunity to meet and connect with leaders in various fields.

  • Members of the Global Citizen Community are the pioneers of creation of a new identity, consciously working towards achieving equanimity of development across various sectors.

    Frequently Asked Question

    What is the concept of GCF?

    GCF aims to be a forum to connect global audiences using the medium of technology and international conferences to discuss pertinent ideas relating to global issues, proposing amendments to unfair laws or legislations in a region, spreading awareness on cultural issues and simulating discussions on the best practices to adopt are agendas common across all GCF events.
    Building friendships and engaging in bonhomie across regions and countries is a natural corollary of any of GCF’s activities.

    What are the values of GCF?

    The world ‘global’ in itself implies a world-wide reach. The core value of GCF is to advocate such practices that aid global peace and global well being. It prides itself on being inclusive in nature and making people across the world globally conscious.

    Who can become a member of GCF?

    Being true to its inclusive nature, GCF membership is open to all those who are conscious citizens of the planet and are concerned about its welfare. Anyone, from any nationality and walk of life, who has an interest in global affairs and has played an active part in resolcing community problems can join.
    Having said that, all of GCF membership applications are subject to a screening process. Members are only accepted subject to approval by a screening committee.

    What is the role of a member?

    GCF believes in its work speaking for itself to keep the members voluntarily engaged with its events and workshops. Like any organization worth its mettle, it would expect members to support its growth and aspire for its advancement.

    Besides the international conferences, what other programmes does GCF conduct?

    Since its inception GCF has held international conferences which have received a tremendous response. On the drawing board are several other plans for expanding its vision. They include the creation of policy units in Universities, Corporates and large/small scale video conferences.

    On what basis are GCF conference themes picked?

    Most laws and Cultural practices that form the crux of a GCF conference in a particular city pertain to the host country. The GCF core committee, after deliberations with local residents of the region shortlist a few laws/practices on the basis of their viability in comparison to laws in other countries. After researching the impact of each of the options, the legal/cultural practice with the most social impact is picked. Since a major focus of GCF is empowering the youth and women, vis-a-vis their counterparts in more developed regions, a legal/cultural practice restricting growth is given preference.

    Is there a follow up process to execute GCF agenda in various countries?

    The main principle of GCF is to empower ordinary people to be agents of positive change. As our membership grows, there will be localised follow up processes initiated in the countries that GCF events have been held. We would look to collaborate with organisations with similar objectives to keep the issue in public eye and create opinion.