Why the Global Citizen Forum Logo has changed?

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Why the Global Citizen Forum Logo has changed?

The world is changing – and we must change with it. Since its inception in 2012, the Global Citizen Forum has sought the creation of ‘One World’ united under a common identity of the Global Citizen.

In a world of multiple identities, the identity of the Global Citizen is a paradoxical one – it is at once embraced with alacrity as it is shunned in caution. Being a Global Citizen is too easy for some – and too hard for some others who have not been able to open their minds to the idea of One World.

With more than a million ‘global citizens’ as a part of our movement today, we are glad that GCF has been able to make some headway in introducing the concept of ‘One World’ to people across the globe. But more is needed.

In our quest to form a unified world order, we have sought to simplify the concept and define in clear terms what the logo of GCF means. It is a globe consisting of multiple pieces of different colours and different sizes. They don’t match each other – just as human beings don’t, but somehow by some common strain, they seem to FIT. Fit together to form a whole.

Humans can only fit and co-exist together when they are ready to move beyond the concept of GENDER, RELIGION AND NATIONALITY to embrace the commonality within. The new GCF logo carries the symbol of coexistence, supported by the tagline to explain it as we move ahead in our quest to create a common identity.

Become a Global Citizen today – you are already one!



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